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Spread Kindness with a Card & Cling

This month, we are inviting you to spread kindness by putting pen to paper. There is something touching about receiving a card, especially when it seems to be out of the blue. Cards are a great way to express kindness and love.

Most of us have sent a card to folks we "know" well, but let's stretch ourselves this month. Share a card expressing kindness, gratitude, or thankfulness with someone you may not normally write too. Maybe you have kind words for your landscaper, server, accountant, or dog groomer. Wouldn't it be special to share them in writing?

We have cards available for you to use. They are available in the Gathering Place on Sundays or in the office during the week. We also have Kindness and Love window clings to include with your card. They were designed by Camp Able Camper and office volunteer Sarah with the help of Sue Miller.

We would love to hear your card sharing story or see your card sharing pics. Send your story and pictures to

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