Family Resources

Here are some ways you and your family can connect and grow through digital content provided by our ministries.

God Provides

This Month's Activities

Talent Show-and-Tell

 Something Special: Choose an item from around the house that is important to you (maybe something you got on vacation, a favorite toy, or a family heirloom) and tell us about it by answering these questions: What is this object? Where is it from? How did you get it? Why is it special to you? Post a video of you answering each question using #wesleyfamilyfun 

Creativity Corner

What Can You Make? What’s your favorite way to create? Monkey foam? Sidewalk chalk? Playdoh? Create something awesome using the medium of your choice. Post pictures of your creation using #wesleyfamilyfun!

Family Fun

Story Creation: Time to make up a creative story together, but follow these rules: Allow each family member to take a turn contributing to the story AND each person can only say 1 word at a time! This may work best sitting in a circle. Disclaimer: This WILL make you laugh…no matter what words you say! ProTip: Make a video of the whole thing and rewatch together for even more laughs! Post your video using #wesleyfamilyfun!

Get Moving!

Silly Walk: Go for a walk outside (pick a day that is sunny & warm-ish), but not just an ordinary walk! Take turns allowing each family member to decide HOW to walk. For example, you can walk backward …skip…shuffle sideways…lift each leg high to the sky before putting it down, and so on. How many fun ways to walk can you think of? Keep going until you have no more creative ideas left in your head! Post your creative ideas using #wesleyfamilyfun.

Self Care

Permission Slips: Spend some time together talking about your thoughts AND feelings regarding this quarantine season. Allow each person to express themselves fully and honestly. Have each person write themselves “permission slips” (post-its or small notepaper works great!) to fully think and feel those things in this season. (Ex: I give myself permission to miss my friends.) Older family members can help younger family members write/draw their permission slips.  ProTip: No posting needed. Just love and encourage each other.

Family Challenge


Home Mini Golf: Create the fun of a summer vacation by building a Mini Golf Course in your home! You’ll need cups, a stick of some sort (a large spoon or spatula work great!), and a small ball. Lay your cups on their sides in various spots around your room to create your “holes.” Place some obstacles to avoid at each one. Let each family member take a turn hitting their ball into a cup before moving on to the next “hole.” Keep score and celebrate the winner of each hole. Eat some ice cream at the end, just because you can! Use #wesleyfamilyfun to tag your photos.